Blaria LIVE reviewed

Erin Triplett
The Comedy Local


I woke up with a sore throat Wednesday. I’d just gotten back from traveling to Arkansas for my cousin’s wedding, and had the most horrible travel experiences with flights delayed both going there and coming back. I was laying in bed thinking about my day, and – knowing I had a full day of work and was going to see Blaria LIVE – decided that was too much, and called in to work.

But, I made it to Blaria! And I’m so glad I did. Once Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams started the show, I was smiling from ear to ear.

The show started with Phoebe and Jessica catching up on life. They talked about their “baes,” and their sex lives, and how Jessica (who recently cashed in her V card) almost had her mother find out that she was getting boned on the regs when she got very sick and ended up in the hospital telling her medical history to the doctor in front of her mother.

Watching Phoebe and Jessica interact was so great. They have this amazing chemistry and warmth that just makes you feel like you’re watching two of your best friends shoot the shit.

The first comedian was James Adomian, who is a doll. I’ve been a fan of Adomian since Comedy Bang! Bang! His impressions are incredible. He talked about visiting the Museum of Natural History and the rampant misogyny that exists there in the immortal words of Theodore Roosevelt. Adomian also talked about being a gay man who doesn’t scan as gay, and his desire to play a British war general in a movie.

Next up was Will Miles, host of Comedy Night at the Knitting Factory. Will talked about living in Bushwick, and how it jives with him because he’s partially gentrified and Bushwick is partially gentrified. He described a perfect gentrified neighborhood as being one where you can see a great fight among Puerto Ricans, then walk a block and have an amazing brunch. Will also talked about getting into an argument with a woman over who was blacker, the woman from London whose entire family was from Morocco, or Will who’s from Chicago, and doesn’t know his family history.

Two more comedians rounded out the show. First up was Hadiyah Robinson who had just turned age, “I don’t give a fuck,” a new era of lower standards. And, whereas James Adomian doesn’t “scan as gay,” gay comic Guy Branum said all that was too much to work out, and just put on some periwinkle shorts. He spoofed on how LA is the easiest place to live, and anyone that disagrees can go cry in their pool. Their pool may be in the middle of their apartment complex, but it’s LA and they have a pool.

The show was great – full of talent and diversity. Now, if only the audience was as diverse as the show. :/

I’m a fan, and will probably start seeing this show on the reg. You should too! The next is 8 p.m. May 20 at Union Hall.

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